You’re SO Close!

Jess and Casey are former neighbors of ours from when we lived in Washington.  They moved from Washington to Papa, Hungary a few years ago and had such a great experience here that it inspired us to pursue an opportunity to live here too! Jess and her family now live in Germany but still remember their time in Papa fondly, so it was awesome to invite them to visit us now that WE are here!  We both knew we had to visit sooner than later as time can slip through our fingers quickly with all the life happening! The timing was tricky – school break in Germany is very short, and we have a full summer of visitors and travel planned.  As soon as we found a window of time, it was on!

Jess arrived with her four sweet kiddos and au pair Veronica to their old stomping ground. We had a few fun things planned and spent tons of time together catching up and watching our growing children enjoy each other’s company! The local July 4th party was thrown by Americans and held on June 30th, so Jess was lucky to be here and see a bunch of her old friends from Papa. We all had a great time! It was unseasonably cool and windy for this time of year so we were happy to see the sunshine when we went to Plage 18 in Tihany on Lake Balaton. We played at the square, ate lots of good food (and gelato of course!) and the kiddos played tirelessly all hours of the day! Thanks for the awesome visit, Jess! Until next time!


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