Our Hungarian Home

We are so excited to have found a place to call home for the next few years! We love its location, construction, and character. The kids will have lots of fun in the “garden” out back picking apples and cherries, biking to school (eventually) about a mile away, and spending endless hours on the balconies and large terrace. This is not a typical Hungarian home, but does have a “euro” feel with its concrete walls, tile floors, small kitchen and lack of storage. The wood beams, brick and stone wall features and beautiful doors and windows complete a lovely chalet design that makes us feel like we are always on vacation!

Something new for us to get used to is parking outside and having basically no driveway to play in. All the homes here in Hungary are walled or gated and usually have a backyard or “garden,” and very little front yard. We do have a nice garage but neither of our vehicles fit in it! So instead of requesting automatic garage and gate door openers, we requested an updated driveway area for our vehicles.  It used to be a bit more narrow and mostly dirt (read: mud puddles in rain storms) but now its nice crushed rock so we can fit 3 cars. There is an “in between” area between the large gate and the garage door that the kids can use for play but its a bit small for riding toys.

The side yard is nice, and the gardens were plentiful. The yard hadn’t been cared for in a while so there isn’t much for grass so we are working diligently to grow some! Homes in Europe usually have few if any closets, sometimes have a bidet, and the appliances are all really small. Many of my baking dishes and cookie sheets wouldn’t fit in the oven, let alone sink or dishwasher! Washing machines take a LONG time to wash, and dryers don’t have vents – instead, a water collection reservoir that you dump after each drying.

The kiddos were adamant about “Harry Potter” themed rooms this time, so it was really fun to put together something cozy for them that I was as excited about as they were. Its important when you move around so much to make sure the kids feel at home wherever we are, so it helps when they can look forward to their bedrooms to sleep and play in!

The girls’ bedroom
Harry Potter Theme
Dianna and Willow’s balcony
Beau’s Room
Harry Potter theme

Our master bedroom has a great balcony overlooking the backyard and farm fields beyond. We love the sunset views! Home sweet home for the time being!

Sunset from the master balcony
View from the master balcony


  1. Brí,

    Your home looks amazing! That backyard view has my jaw on the floor!! I came across your site from a link on Pinterest and now I have a ton of reading to do. My husband and I are PCSing to Pápa in September (it was July but the stop movement pushed us back). Your post that I’ve read so far have opened my eyes to so much. There isn’t a ton of information out there on what to expect when PCSing to Hungary so I am very thankful for you sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sara! I am sure we will cross paths as we will be here still in the fall. I’m so glad this has been helpful to you as I, too, wished there was more info out there! I think when we moved (2 years ago) there was maybe ONE photo online of Papa! HA! I am happy to answer any questions you have. I assume you’re coming from the AF side of things and not Boeing, so just ask your key spouse for my info (tell them I said it’s ok) and feel free to ask me any Q’s through FB! Hope you’re doing ok and see you in the fall! You have a lot to look forward to!


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