Progress, June 2018

What a June! Here are a few noteworthy happenings…

  • Didi lost her third tooth! The first was in April after we arrived, the second was in May, the third in June and she’s got one more wiggly one that is sure to fall out in July! She’s bound to be toothless!


  • Willow is potty trained!  Its official!  What finally motivated her was rewarding her with a ($9) gel manicure.  She is so proud and had SO much fun getting her nails done!  Didi also had her first manicure, to help her stop biting her nails. Speaking of which, she also stopped sucking her thumb! MAJOR milestones over here! Growing like little sprouts! 

  • Willow also learned to ride her bike! I can’t believe this little 3 year old munchkin did it! She was determined and fearless. I’m so proud of her! She said, “You can’t stop me!”IMG_7550
  • The last days of school came and went for Beau and Didi and we said some farewells to new friends. They enjoyed doing sports (organized by the parents) after school a couple of times per week, which goes on hiatus over the summer. 

  • Our backyard went from gross muddy nothingness to nice green grass with a whole lot of effort! Now we can enjoy the summer in our backyard! 

  • I got my houseplants (my other babies) all re-potted and happy, which makes me so happy to be surrounded by greenery!  The best part is meeting the local cactus man who is basically a little cactus elf/suculent guru genius. IMG_4527
  • The Swedish families threw a huge annual party called the “boat race” where teams make cardbard boats and race across a pond…and the women (spouses) of team USA won for the third year in a row! It was so fun to watch and a great party thrown by our Swedish friends.



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