Something I Miss: Chick-Fil-A

recipe: garbage-free Chick-fil-a nuggetS

Deliciously satisfying Chick-fil-A “copycat” nuggets – without all the junk!

We have come to adapt quite well to the foods available here in this region of Hungary. At times I think my palate has even adjusted to the fresher, cleaner, less sweet foods here and I truly don’t have an appetite for some of the old staples! have found that the things I “miss” are treats, not necessities. For example, I don’t really miss fast food, donuts, American candy, or traditional snack foods. I used to be obsessed with LaCroix, but there is no such thing here so I have had to improvise. Sweden has its own version called Ramlosa that the hubby brings back from missions on occasion and I have come to like it even more than LaCroix! Now when I have LaCroix my taste buds cringe. Still, occasionally its fun to have a meal that is familiar even if we can’t get it from the source, and these taste-alike Chick-fil-A nuggets are totally satisfying! I found a garbage-free recipe that is super easy and delicious. I highly recommend it – and I’ll probably even continue to make them when we are “in range” of a Chick-fil-A!

Recipe and images from Russ Crandall here.

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