Eat, Drink and Be March!

A Ball, A Murder, A Fire, A Concert, and more!

The international community here in Papa is made up of a lovely, intimate mix of people from over 12 nations. We all look out for each other and make life here quite colorful with activities and events to look forward to. Every time we turn around there’s another birthday party, national holiday celebration, or special event happening. We are also located within a reasonable driving distance from 7-8 major European cities that are always hopping with concerts, festivals and events. There’s too much to choose from!

This month we were lucky to have fun celebrations nearly every weekend to participate in, so we said “yes!” every chance we got! There was everything from dressing up all fancy, dancing in a palace, bonfires, and a speakeasy murder mystery to one VERY memorable concert!

The HAW Ball

A view into the courtyard of the Esterhazy Castle from the balcony, with St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the background

This is an annual event sponsored by the HAW that we missed last year and couldn’t wait to attend this year! On all accounts it was the best ball in the 10 years this operation has existed here in Papa, and I would have to say I’ve never seen or attended a more beautiful dance..andnd it was a masquerade toboot! It was about $10 per person to attend and we were treated like royalty. Everyone looked beautiful, the food was outstanding, the music was great, and the venue was positively splendid! We loved being a part of it! [*dancing photos are by ball photographer]

Who the?
Dancing the night away!
Must be a great song!
First military ball in 10 years!
Another great song!?
With our friends Kurt and Fosia from Norway!
Two debonnaire Mainers
Such a beautiful castle!

1920’s Murder Mystery Surprise Birthday!

Ashlyn is one of our amazing key spouses here in Papa and she does just about everything. She’s well loved and this surprise birthday celebration was well deserved! Her friend Casci knows what she likes, and planned this ridiculously clever murder mystery set in a 1920’s speakeasy, complete with all the things Ashlyn loves: “headbands, fat eyelashes, fringe, fake accents, and a mystery to solve!” So cool.

Ashlyn (center, pint of beer) and her fancy flapper crew
The Community Activity Center was transformed into a 1920’s Speakeasy!
Love the vibe!
The two rivals of the night 🤣
Such awesome costumes!
Great looks, gentlemen!
The mafia is in town…
Get serious!
Who dunnit?
If you could only hear the accents in this photo!
Headbands, fringe and pearls…must be the 1920’s!
Oh what a night!

Get lit!

We finally burned our Christmas tree…among other trees…in an epic bonfire night! It was Derek’s dream come true! We welcomed a few new folks to Papa and enjoyed a long evening around the flames. Marshmallows optional!

Dave Matthews Band in Vienna

Every time we turn around people are going to concerts here. Its so fun to see the eclectic mix of music festivals and concerts available in the area, so we’ve been keeping our eye out for our favorite headliners. When we realized Dave Matthews and his crew would be 2 hours away in Vienna, it was a must see! DMB was the first concert Derek and I went to together 18 years ago, at then-Foxboro Stadium in Massachusetts. We snagged another chance to go in 2011 at the Gorge in Washington state; he had his annual festival there and we decided to bring 18 month old Beau with us! It was so much fun. This time we jumped at the chance to see him 8 years later in a new location with front stage tickets that cost the same as our nosebleed section tickets at Foxboro. Unbelievable! The show was just amazing…Derek and I enjoyed a trip down memory lane, up close and personal with Dave Matthews Band! It was a night we will never forget! In several of these photos you can even see us, about 3 people back from the front (see arrows).

“Are we REALLY child-free and going to DAVE?!”
Dave’s amazing set list!
They were such a happy bunch!
As good as ever!
Ok, better than ever!
Dude throws random pillow at Dave after concert…Dave is stumped! I look on at his elbow laughing!
Intimate venue at Weiner Stadthall, Vienna (photo: DMB Facebook)
(photo: DMB Facebook)
I swear they’re the happiest band around! AMAZING SHOW! (photo: DMB Facebook)

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