Vienna: April 2018

We had the chance to go bop around Vienna twice this month, and get a feel for district one.  Its an absolutely beautiful city that felt totally accessible on foot.  Its so clean, the food is great, most people speak English, and there’s something for everyone.

On a whim, we met up with an old hometown connection who has lived in Vienna for a number of years. Phil is a musician in Vienna, and it was so nice to see him, hear about his experience living in Austria, and have a mini tour complete with excellent German translator skills! We tried his favorite gelato, enjoyed a beautiful afternoon seeing some of Vienna’s finest historic architecture, and had pizza at the cutest restaurant, Pizza, L`asino Che Ride. Thanks for the fun, impromptu afternoon, Phil!

When Billi came to visit, we enjoyed a girl’s overnight trip before she flew out in the morning. This included a progressive dinner at three random Italian eateries (I regret not having kept good track but we paid in cash and were living in the moment!) and then stopped in for drinks at a few places as well. The lights of Vienna once the sun went down were especially memorable.  We happened to be there during Vienna’s Dance Festival, so City Hall was lit up in red and was spectacular! We even were invited to go dance by one of the musicians but we didn’t realize it was a legitimate invitation until it was too late (it was, admittedly, kind of creepy – especially when a lot of the conversation was lost in translation!). When its just the two of us, we can cover a lot of ground on these long legs, and we made the most of every minute there in the crisp spring evening air. We stayed at a lovely little boutique hotel called Alma, right near the Danube. I can’t wait for Billi to return and bring the whole family!

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