An Unexpected Visitor…

Move in day.

After living in Papa Support for almost a month, we were THRILLED to finally be in our new home and have our household goods delivered.  I was buzzing around like a bee, telling the movers where to put all the boxes (in my best simple English to avoid further lost-in-translation confusion) and feeling like a million bucks. Let’s face it – move in day feels like Christmas when you’ve been without your “stuff” for months and living out of suitcases!  Derek had just returned from “work” for lunch and I was proudly showing him around when the strangest sight appeared in front of me IN MY HOUSE at the top of the stairs…

My very own and only sister Billi arrived in a cleverly planned surprise that couldn’t have been any more serendipitously timed!!!  I went from a state of pure shock and disbelief to happy-ugly-crying overwhelm and joy.  I’m usually the one to surprise people, and have never been the recipient of an epic surprise like this, so I was beyond impressed by the coordinated effort.  My hubby (who, by the way, was NOT at work but was instead up and back from Vienna picking up the “package”) and my sneaky little sister pulled off one for the books!  Side note: the poor Hungarian movers were probably wide eyed by me bursting into tears…I hope they understood it was the best surprise ever and I was over the moon!

The kids were out of school on a week long spring break so I was dreading unpacking and settling in with them underfoot.  Suddenly the move-in process became 100% easier and more fun thanks to this awesome unexpected visitor!  Billi was so helpful and instinctive about what we needed and fit right into the chaos of the big move.  It was such a pleasure to show her our new town and our new home – and we even had a chance to do a little traveling! We explored Budapest and Vienna, each for an overnight. I’m so happy we could be your first stop on your FIRST EVER trip to Europe, Billi! Come again soon!

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