End of a Pandemic Summer

Our last summer in Pápa!

With the summer winding down and knowing we were planning to home school, the goal with the last few weeks was to get in as much friend time as possible. Beau was on his bike nearly every single day hanging out with his Brazilian and Greek friends down the street (who dubbed themselves the “Bocsor Bike Gang”) and the girls got back into aerial ballet together, where they were able to see their friends a couple of times per week. We also went to Lake Balaton and Nagytevel several times, and to the Papa thermal water park with our Budapest friends! We soaked up plenty of sunshine and swimming before school started. Beau became my go-to guy when I needed a loaf of bread from the bakery; he rides there on his bike and returns with delicious, fresh bread! Win-win. We discovered a great little sensory park after a trip down to the Taco Truck near Szigliget, and also made one last trip to Budapest before the city went back on lockdown and Hungary closed its borders once again. There is no question it is disappointing to not be able to travel the way we had envisioned (especially with the flexibility of homeschooling!) but with all the transitions coming, we can certainly use the time on our hands for preparations. Finally, over our 12th Anniversary (21 years together!), Derek and I went for a romantic overnight at the Spirit Hotel thermal spa resort in Sarvar, and it was just lovely! For more on the thermals we have visited in Hungary including SpiritHotel, Papa thermals and Sarvar Wellnessfurdo, check out my blog all about it here. Overall it was a great summer, with new routines (masks everywhere) and letting go of expectations. It has been frustrating not being able to plan, but that just makes us appreciate any freedoms we get back all that much more. Who knows what the future brings; we will do our best to surf whatever waves come our way!

Beau and his “bike gang” – what a great group of boys!

Discovering the special military “strand” on Lake Balaton – it is beautiful!

Friends having a picnic under the willow trees on Lake Balaton

Fun with friends at Nagytevel Lake…

Enjoying the Pápa thermals with friends!

A fantastic day at Sarvar Wellnessfurdo!

This lovely sensory garden was a lot of fun for the kids! Location here.

Budapest! Renewing our passports and enjoying some good eats!

Playdates – as many as possible!

SpiritHotel, Sarvar – a beautiful place to escape for an anniversary celebration!

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