‘Crona Cookin’!

While brave, valuable, essential workers everywhere keep societies running enough to keep us all alive, the majority of people are stuck at home. We are either working from home, homeschooling children, lonely, bored out of our minds, or finding productive things to occupy our time. We all have been dealing with this in our own way, and that’s ok. However we survive this, if we make it to the other side, it is worthy. It is interesting to see how different people are influenced by these world events. Extroverts may get creative finding ways to stay connected with friends with “zoom game nights” or other virtual fun. Introverts may take the time to Spring clean or finish stacks of books, and still others may pick up a new hobby.

White no-knead bread.

I have found that one way I am seeking predictability (ie: control) in this time of complete unpredictability is through thoughtful, creative meal planning and trying new things in the kitchen. Perhaps this is because I realized right away that I took grocery shopping and food in general for granted. It has made me extra mindful and as a result I have gone the extra mile to cook new recipes and make sure we have enough healthy, various meals to eat because we can. Food is something I definitely do not take for granted right now, and I hope this inspiration lasts!

I consider myself a decent cook, but I have never been a successful baker. I have tried and failed many times to use yeast in various recipes and finally gave up. Perhaps it’s the fact that yeast is hard to come by these days and I was feeling defiant, or perhaps it was a “why not?” time-on-my-hands attitude (or a little of both), but I decided to give yeast another try. Thanks to a few generous friends I scored some yeast and began to bake yeasty recipes – so far with great success! I started with the basic no-knead bread (both white and rye), and moved onto English muffins and cinnamon rolls. I plan to try bagels and donuts at some point – but we have to spread the sweet recipes out! I’m really just recording this for posterity, if not to just remind myself someday that anything is possible! HA! I’m especially proud of how the focaccia turned out, but I can see myself making no-knead bread regularly from here on out. I’m embracing the time to fill with a new interest!

Amazing Rosemary Garlic focaccia bread – delicious with tomato soup!
Made crisco-baking powder biscuits to go with Eggs Benedict, breakfast sandwiches, and strawberry shortcake!
Homemade cinnamon rolls turned out really good but were a labor of love I’m not sure I’m ready for again any time soon.

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