A Belated Birthday Balloon Flight!

“We’re so high! I’m not scared.” – Didi

Our first glimpses of Heviz from the sky!

Our daring Dianna turned 7 on May 5th and something we had been discussing for a while is a hot air balloon ride! We had it all scheduled for May, but unfortunately the weather was too windy to fly so the occasion was postponed… until June when Grammy was here to witness it! The day arrived and the weather was perfect. We had a marvelous sunset and peaceful, picturesque views over Lake Balaton and the fields and forests of western Hungary. The entire experience was a first for Didi and me, and we realized quickly it was going to be different than we expected!

Just arriving at the balloon site!

Balaton Ballooning is based out of Heviz, Hungary. A reservation can be made using a quick email, and they’re great about getting back to you. When we arrived, we were surprised to see about seventeen people joining us on our flight! The balloon basket was huge – with four compartments plus the pilot’s compartment. We watched the balloon inflate and then scrambled into the basket. Our pilot spoke Hungarian and English (even though we were the only non-Hungarians on the flight – thanks, Attila!) and gave thorough instructions on what to expect. Firing the burners was loud and hot – and Didi and I were very close to the flames. This surprised Didi so she sometimes covered her ears or jumped when the pilot fired the burners. Also, just as parasailing is calm and peaceful, a hot air balloon ride is totally gentle and peaceful. We enjoyed the varying heights and views over the town, lake, hills, fields and forests, but I can see how a hot air balloon ride in the Alps would provide a bit more exciting terrain! Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed this birds-eye-view of our current country, Hungary, and would recommend the company an experience to anyone who can handle heights and loves an adventure!


The launch!

Eye in the Sky


As soon as we landed in a field full of hay bales, Didi asked, “can I go climb on those???”
And then of course…”can I jump off it???”
Go for it, Didi!
One happy birthday girl!

At the end of the ride we all received special certificates that showed we successfully completed our first balloon ride and everyone toasted with champagne (except Didi who had a juice box!) which was very special in that field at sunset! It took about three hours from pickup to drop off and we were airborne about one hour. It was totally satisfying and memorable! Thanks for letting me fly with you, Didi!

Flying high with Balaton Ballooning!

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