Springing to Life in Hungary!

Its been an eventful year so far for our little family in Hungary! The kids have tried new things and been involved in tons of activities in the community and at school.  First was break dancing class that both kids enjoyed so much – thanks to the volunteer teaching of a skilled break dancer in our community. Volunteers also provided athletics opportunities (soccer, basketball, floorball) as well as Scouting at the school and many fun educational activities during Activity Period.

We had several assemblies at school, one of which included a beautiful demonstration by the local aerial gymnast dancers. An impressive feat to behold by these young Hungarian girls!

Didi’s class read to groups at school. Her reading has improved so much this year – it’s so fun to listen to her inflection and animation!

Basketball went well over the winter months, and we were thrilled to be able to give the kiddos exposure to the game, in clinic-style practices.

The kids had a variety of field trips over the spring – and this one for Didi to the observatory was especially memorable!

And Beau’s field trip to Somlo castle was super fun, too!

Didi tried ballet for the first time. She’s very flexible and coordinated, so it seemed to be going well, but she decided to hold off until next year. Perhaps when little sister joins her it will be a different story!

Activity periods at school have developed skills like chess and robot making…

And Beau both kids have been enjoying soccer this year – especially Beau! When the weather doesn’t cooperate with soccer plans, the kids go inside for floorball. It resembles floor hockey but has a euro twist. The kids love it, too!

Beau has become quite a little chef. One of his favorite things is making breakfast for all of us, which includes cooking ALL the breakfast food in the house.

A few fun playdates made this chilly spring memorable…

And QSI’s very first school dance was a huge hit!

We finally got outside to do some bike riding. Didi got a brand new bike for her birthday and is so proud of it! Finally it fits her perfectly and doesn’t fall apart…

QSI had a beautiful “International Day” including a delicious tasting, with tables set up by all the countries. Mom and dad helped create this awesome Maine-themed menu for our USA table!

Didi and I shared a delicious ice cream cake for our early-May birthdays…

And a yummy dinner at our favorite restaurant in Hungary, Villa Kabala!The flowers are in bloom in Hungary – first comes Rapeseed (the flower that creates Canola oil) and then the poppies come out! Then we got overrun with fluffy cottonwood pollen that resembled snow…

Didi lost her fifth tooth and Willow had a fun mother’s and father’s day assembly at her Hungarian preschool!

Way to go, Didi!

Beau took a “week without walls” trip to Budapest for two overnights! He saw museums, had picnics, and did a lot of navigating and problem solving in the city!

Willow had a fun outing to the local kiddie play area with her class…

The big scout kids enjoyed the final scouting adventures for the year…

Didi enjoyed a fun “shoebox theater” activity…

And Beau had a blast in his classroom play performance!

We were so glad the weather finally cleared up in time to ride bikes to school. The kids love it!

A trip to the farm was fruitful for Didi’s class, and a hike in the forest was a muddy good time!

We will miss Didi’s teacher, who will head back to the states this summer…

And QSI had a great last day BBQ to say farewell to friends – some for the summer and some for good!

We are looking forward to a great summer…full of more adventure, spontaneity, exploration and togetherness! I think we are finally in the “sweet spot” when it comes to the kids’ ages…

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