A Polish Birthday Weekend!

Beau’s 9th birthday this year fell on a long, four day weekend. We decided what better way to celebrate than with our Polish friends at their home near Krakow, Poland! We set off for a road trip packed with all eight of us in the van and, with very little planning and the goal of “just have fun!” we made our way to the outskirts of Krakow. For the next 3 days we enjoyed each other’s company, ate GREAT food, had lovely mini-tours around the main square of Krakow thanks to our friend Inga, and found some fun indoor activities for the kids to do in the wintry weather! This trip only scratched the surface of the delights Krakow has to offer and we will definitely be back to explore more soon!

The kids enjoyed Kulkowo, a little indoor creative play space in the mall in Krakow center.
Walking around the outskirts of the Krakow Main Square
Town Hall Tower
Krakow Main Square
St. Mary’s Basilica
Underlit horse and carriage rides were lovely, encircling the square.
Monument in Krakow, in the square in front of the Gallery Shopping Mall
Back in Krakow, city center
Art in the square in Krakow
On our way to the castle…
The walkway up to the castle. We will have to go visit inside someday!
Our main destination was the DRAGON!

Beau, daddy and Jan went go-karting as the girls went to a candy shop!

It was Beau’s first time go-karting and Derek said he couldn’t believe how fast he went and how GOOD he did! He loved it and can’t stop talking about how fun it was. How fun to do this with a friend for your birthday!

Thanks for the lovely hospitality, Inga, Jan and Joanna! We loved visiting your homeland and staying in your beautiful home, eating the great food, playing, exploring, making fires every day and learning a little bit about Poland! Until next time!

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