October Happenings


The start of fall means the activities come fast and furious! We took a little drive down to Somlo one afternoon to check out the wineries on the hill and take in the views. It was a beautiful day! We enjoyed lunch at the bottom of the hill before heading home. We didn’t make it up to the top of the hill to see the castle this time (Willow’s nap got in the way) but we will return soon as its close to home.

The drive to Somlo is beautiful!



The wineries at Somlo


Bike Party

The Norwegians in our community organized such a fun event called a “Secret Bike Party” which is akin to a progressive dinner. So we signed up to attend but also chose a course to serve at our house. We went with the first course, and enlisted a friend to join us and make a delicious butternut squash soup and wedge salad, complete with elderflower champagne and hot cider (spiked if desired)! The way the party works is, an undisclosed party will arrive at your house for your course. Then, 90 minutes later, you disperse and depart on your bicycles to your next course location, where you’ll meet another group of people and its all a big secret surprise who ends up joining you! It happens one more time for a third desert course, so you end up spending time with 9 “teams” of people throughout the night, as each course has 3 random teams. Its super fun and I hope we can do it again while we live here!

Surprise guests arrive at your house…
Sharing a first course.
Then you bike to a main course location and meet other new guests…
…and finally end up at a new home with new people for dessert!

Beau to Vienna

Beau had the lovely opportunity to travel with his Norwegian school friends to Vienna for a little day trip. (All photos courtesy of Fosia) Vienna is only 2 hours from us, so it was a good opportunity for him to spread his wings and have a bit of independence! He had a great day!


School Stuff

Didi went on a wonderful field trip at school to the local Blue Dye Museum and factory here in Pápa. The children learned about the history of the place (it is a famous center of fabric dyeing here in the region!) and even got to make a souvenir t-shirt with the blue dye!IMG_5621IMG_5627IMG_5631







The entire international school also participated in a “Sports Day” event organized by the Swedish families. It was a big hit and so much fun for the kids to compete in some Olympics-style competition. Everyone had a great day and felt great about doing their best, being active and feeling healthy!IMG_3905IMG_4126IMG_5609





Family Photos

One of my fellow American spouses here in Pápa is a wonderful photographer and we were able to snag her for a last-minute photo session in a nearby field. I am so pleased with how the photos came out – she did a great job! They will turn into our Christmas card photos for the year. (Photo credit: Kristen Ariel Photography)





Party Time!

Willow was invited to her first birthday party with an American friend from the Ovoda, or the Hungarian preschool here in Pápa. It was so fun! She loved dressing up as a princess and jumping on the huuuuge bouncy house!



Bonsai had an interesting month. She’s getting to be an old lady – nearly 10 years old! – and has begun losing her teeth. Small dogs like yorkies often have teeth trouble and its difficult to keep them clean. She also had some minor infections we needed to treat, so with the help of the local vet, we decided to remove some of her troubling teeth and and clean the remaining ones. I was blown away by the swiftness and care of the local vet here, and even more amazed by the COST of the treatment. For the cleaning and removal of four teeth (a sedated procedure), it only cost around $52. In America this same procedure would cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I wish every pet could be treated without the concern of cost for families. We felt so good about taking care of her properly!


We had a most wonderful adventure in Croatia! (See blog about it here.) We loved it so much we plan to go back when my parents visit next spring.


Finally, Halloween was awesome! Hungarians don’t celebrate Halloween – instead, the day after they celebrate All Souls Day, and its more of a reverent event instead of a party. So all of the Americans here organized a “trunk or treat” and it was so much fun. The kids had a blast! We went with a Harry Potter theme all around…

IMG_8990 2
Hedwig, Hermione, and Harry!
IMG_8996 2
“Harry Potter” Trunk for the Trunk-or-Treat!

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