School Starts & the Veszprem Zoo!

We hit the ground running as soon as we returned from our trip to England and Scotland. Beau, Didi and Willow began school as 3rd, 1st and preschoolers this year and they all seemed thrilled to meet their new teachers and see their friends again.

Welcome back to QSI!

This mama is especially excited to *finally* be entering the “sweet spot” where all three are happily at school and I can tackle my 8-year-long to-do list and be a better mama and wife for it!  We have been here for five months and I can hardly believe all we have accomplished here so far – but I still haven’t gotten into a solid groove with meals. That’s a goal for sure. I’m already noticing how much lighter I feel having the me-time recharge I have been needing all these years! It’s amazing what parenting can take out of you.

Between a two-week mission, Derek was home for a day and we were able to take a nice trip to the Veszprem Zoo (Kittenberger Kálmán Zoo). I was impressed by the facilities, variety of animals, the extra little dino exhibit, and the brand new, massive playground! It was a super fun day where the highlight was definitely hearing what lions and tigers sound like up close and personal. The big cats were extremely active and put on a great show!

Willow sported her vintage sweatshirt from daddy, circa 1985!
The tiger roars were the most impressive!

This is such a cool place that we will definitely be going back to visit soon – maybe just for the playground!

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