May Happenings 2018

Our second month in Papa was chock-full of activities!

We found a popular little swimming hole near Nagytevel, about 20 minutes from Papa. People seem to like it, and although I was a little squeamish about swimming in a dammed up pond, the kids loved it!

We finally got to the awesome local swimming park – not sure what else to call it because its not just a pool, it’s a series of indoor and outdoor pools and thermal spas including loads of splash pads and shallow pools for kids, slides, and restaurants! It’s quite the place and the kids LOVE it!

We took an afternoon trip to the Pannonhalma Archabbey, and it was breath taking! (See Observacations)

We moved into the house at the end of April but there was still a lot of settling in to do. Billi left May 1st, and it seems that every day had a new task – find a landscaper, find a housekeeper, get internet and satellite set up, fix little problems around the house, begin working on the lawn, make a few shopping trips (IKEA!), and fill the house up with groceries. It’s a lot of work! The kids have Harry Potter themed rooms this time (their request!) and it was a lot of fun to get them settled in and all cozy. When we move around as much as we do, it’s very important for them to feel comfortable at home! I’ll post pictures of their rooms and the house in a separate post in Journey Journal.

We discovered we have a cherry tree AND an apple tree in our backyard as they began to grow fruit!

Business-wise, we took a residency trip to Budapest and Veszprém to become “legal” for now living here.  It comes with shiny new ID cards (I must have about seven ID’s now…)!

We picked out a car to buy back in April but with all the paperwork to do it took nearly a month to finally get in and drive it.  We got a great deal on a 2004 diesel Audi A6 Avant ($4k, about 170,000mi).  It will get Derek around town and to work quite comfortably and serve as a back up car to run and pick people up at airports when necessary! IMG_3140

When in Europe…

The Dutch threw a huge “King’s party” to celebrate the king of the Netherlands. Everyone wore orange and it was so fun to eat, drink, dance and be merry – all with the kids in tow!

I finally went Horseback riding here! This was a huge goal of mine as I hadn’t been riding in a number of years. I’m so glad to have found a great place to go in Döbrönte, about 15 minutes from our home. I’m excited to go more regularly, take friends and maybe even the children with me to have riding lessons eventually!

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