Willow’s Golden Birthday

This calls for a trip to the Natural History Museum in Vienna to Celebrate!

This is a big year for our youngest. Willow turned four years old on the 4th of February, and all she could talk about was owls and dinosaurs! We figured the best thing to do (despite coughs and sniffles) was to take a little trip up to Vienna to check out the Natural History Museum. We learned it is one of the oldest collections of items and has over 5,000 animals on display and over 100,000 artifacts behind its walls so we wanted to see for ourselves. The buildings in the museum quarter near the Hofburg are impressive. You could spend an entire day exploring this area of Vienna!

Willow’s first glance at the museum!
An elephant marks the entrance…
Across the way is the Vienna Museum of Fine Arts
An impressive open dome in the entrance of the Museum of Natural History
In this museum, you’re missing a lot if you don’t look UP!
Finally the DINOS!
Willow, in aw of the mechanical raptor!
Awe struck!
I was so impressed by the rooms and rooms full of display cases! Beautiful!

We also visited the Butterfly House, located behind the Hofburg. It was lovely! For what its worth, it cost about 22 euro to go into the Museum of Natural History for nearly 3 hours, and it cost about 28 euro to see the butterfly exhibit for about 20 minutes. It was fun, but the museum was definitely more bang for our buck!

We ate a delicious birthday lunch at Stadtcafe. Great find, daddy!
The birthday girl!
The rear of the Hofburg
The Burggarten
A thermal dip!

Willow’s birthday was complete with an OWL cake at her Hungarian Ovoda! It is a tradition here to light these giant sparkler candles – she was totally amazed by it! What a special celebration for a fantastic four year old!

Happy Birthday, Willow!!!

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